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'Imi Ola

Seek your best life.

Hawaiian Value of Mission and Vision

Our purpose in life is to seek its highest form.

Inner Alignment Coaching with Naomi Adams


Hi, I'm Naomi. I help people overcome disconnection and lack of excitement for life by helping them to release the grip of past trauma and pain so they can break old patterns and experience more joy and connection in their lives.

How I MAY be of service?

Any time you find yourself irritated, angry, insecure or restless, it’s likely an old vibration that’s living in your body resurfacing to cause havoc in your present-day life. These negative vibrations stem from childhood trauma of varying degrees of severity (you don’t have to have experienced abuse to have trauma). I use Kim Beekman's Inner Alignment System to help you release the grip of childhood trauma on your thought habits and to rewire your neural pathways to raise the frequency of your energy and attract more of what your heart desires.

 I focus on Oneness, Wholeness and Presence. Manifestation language in itself serves to dilute the truth that we are already whole. Words like manifest and attract assume separation and often are based in materialistic or egoic motivation. My approach is to help clients embody their wholeness, increase their magnetism and learn to live from the heart. This in turn, will naturally help them to discern and allow in situations and people that are in alignment with their soul's highest intentions and less of everything else. 

Many manifestation books and coaches, including Law of Attraction and The Secret, teach us that we must avoid negative or painful thoughts in order to only attract things that bring us happiness and joy. It is my belief that we must be realistic about our human limitations and accept that it's impossible to always choose how we feel or to completely control our own minds. Negative thoughts and emotions are inevitable, and it is what we do with them that matters.

To find out more or to book a call to see if this is a good fit for you, please click Learn More to send me an email.

"Working with Naomi was a life changing experience. She held a safe, supportive space for me to go deep and consider new approaches to some major life issues I was going through. She listened empathetically and asked questions without judging me or telling me how to think or act. Her questions guided me to see alternative views and led me into my heart to love regardless of the stressors I was facing.  She was loving and supportive while also being professional and organized-- always handling our sessions with grace, poise, and care. I am forever grateful for the work I did with Naomi and the tools she shared with me to find inner alignment and self love.  I highly recommend her to anyone who may feel stuck and is seeking more balance, peace, and clarity in their life."

 -Rachel W.

"Naomi taught me a new way of thinking, she helped me learn what pain I'm holding and how to release that pain in a gentle way and how to link my old pain with new pain, trauma and frustration. She taught me how to do breath work which calmed my body down. Naomi has a fantastic calming aura around her which instantly makes you feel relaxed and easy to open to. Since working with Naomi I have felt lighter and been able to relax much quicker in situations I found difficult before. I would recommend Naomi to anyone not just someone who needs help as I did but I think she teaches you life skills which we are never taught. You can't even put a price on this sort of work. Thank you so much."

-Jodie B.

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